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Welcome to the simpliest place on the internet. A hash of gemini and html to make your day easy.

OH.MG is a personal site with literally THE bestest URL on the face of the interweb networks, I also still go by the MMN name.

What be MMN ?

If you're interested in finding me in the IRL, well you can't since #StayTheFuckAtHome since March 82093th 2020, but in theory you'd see me around in Paris and Barcelona.

You may notice this site / gemini capsule is a bit of a mess, but this is because I'm in the process of moving over more than 50 domains (I clearly have a problem) and collating all the failed attempts worth of content over to OH.MG.

Also available in Gemini format !

...and in the classic HTML version !

If you haven't noticed already, I have a thing for old tech, I run a BBS and I'm forever trying to get a decent The Palace Chat server setup. This site also has very little interms of web trackers (see the About This Server page) and bloatware.


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Made with disdain à Paris </3


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